How we're working during Covid-19

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Working during the pandemic

How we're working to ensure the safety of our learners, staff and the North Wales community.

At North Wales Training safety and wellbeing is our top priority. Since the first lockdown we’ve implemented a suite of measures that are enabling us to continue to deliver to those we serve while maximising the safety of everyone involved, including our staff. This includes the temporary closure of training centres, switching to remote working, and adapting all our courses for remote delivery. We continue to monitor the outbreak closely and to take all necessary precautions in line with the guidance from the Welsh Government, available here.

Visiting our Centres

Due to the current alert level, most of our training centres are closed or being operated with minimal staff working restricted hours. Please only visit if you have a pre agreed appointment with us and in all instances speak to us before you travel. We’ll let you know soon as things change.

Current service arrangements

We’ve made the following arrangements which apply across all our programmes. Our team will provide more detailed information specific to any course or programme you’re interested in or signed up to whether you’re a learner or employer. We are regularly reviewing these and will update you on any changes as they arise.

Enrolment and/or sign-up

All done remotely over the phone and online. The Welsh Government accepts digital sign-up for apprenticeships. Electronic signatures can be requested electronically via our Smart Assessor e-portal, where needed.


All the information and documents you need will be provided by email or via our Smart Assessor e-portal if you’re an apprentice.

Training and teaching

We’ve moved all training and teaching online and our learners have reported it works just as well. Alternative arrangements are in place for courses and apprenticeships that are practical in nature. Please speak to us if you have any questions about this.


Any time our leaners need to provide evidence, such as for assessments, we’re collecting this remotely using digital technology such as Zoom. As for practical evidence your tutor/assessor will discuss the alternative arrangements that have been agreed with the applicable awarding body for how this is, or will, be collected.

Ongoing support

Our team are committed to giving you all the support you need to complete any learning journey you’ve embarked on including guidance on how to take part in remote sessions and help to access IT should you need this.


It’s our mission to keep you safe and not let Covid-19 detract from your experience of benefiting from our services at North Wales Training. As ever please contact our friendly team if you have further questions or concerns. Many thanks and stay safe!

You can contact us by telephone on 01492 543431 or email us at reception@nwtraining.co.uk