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Julie Evans
Julie Evans

Julie Evans
Apprenticeships Operations Manager

Who better to head up our biggest team than Julie, somebody her husband calls a ‘born manager’. She ensures over twenty advisers work as one to support hundreds of people from all walks of life to complete apprenticeships and come out with what for some are their first qualifications since school. Julie is responsible for managing the Apprenticeships Team’s performance, setting targets and KPIs - and making sure these are achieved - benchmarking quality, looking after our short courses, and ensuring compliance with national standards.

Like all the best leaders Julie knows that the best results come from supporting your people to perform to their potential. A qualified coach and mentor Julie’s open door policy means any member of her team can ask her for support, which is enhanced by her experience of having been an adviser herself when she started here in 2002. Prior to this Julie spent seventeen years as General Manager of the Llandudno Hotel.