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Posted: 03.06.2021

Can our new Welsh website speak for all we serve in Wales?

Did you spot the missing word from the top banner of our new website earlier this year? Cymraeg. Yes, we’re delighted to announce our website is now in Welsh, too. Every. Single. Word. Of. It. It’s a complete facsimile. And that’s how we intend it to be from now on.

This is an important milestone for us so please join us in celebrating it. It speaks for who we are as a company and hopefully for who you are, the people we serve.

Because translating the website into Welsh is much more to us than a box ticking exercise. We appreciate that having a language is a unique and precious way an ethnic group expresses and preserves its identity. Especially a group that’s in a minority, as the Welsh are, connected to a kingdom of three other nations, comprising another 64 million people who mostly speak only English. "Cenedl heb iaith, cenedl heb galon"– A nation without a language is a nation without a heart" as the Welsh saying goes.

That chimes with us. It’s our ethos. It’s our identify. After all, we’re a 38 year old Welsh company. We know what it’s like to be an upstart minority, challenging the way things have been done and finding heartfelt ways to do them better. Making the extra effort for the people, businesses and communities we serve. Not necessarily because it’s recommended but because it’s right, even if the bean counters wouldn’t approve. Which includes providing our services in the tongue of the 29 per cent of you who speak Welsh. We’re only sorry it took us this long.

We have a hunch that promoting our cherished native language helps speak to all of us in Wales, including you (us!) non-Welsh speakers too, lazy as we are in the majority, putting our faith in Google Translate.

The launch of the Welsh website is a big part of North Wales Training’s digital journey, as we continue to grow it’s important to us that we share all of what we do bilingually so you can follow us on that journey.

Did you know that in only nine years the number of people able to speak Welsh leapt from 562,016 (19 per cent) in 2011 to 883,600 (29 per cent) in 2020? Being bilingual not only enriches cultural identity but confers a whole host of advantages. For instance, research shows it strengthens cognitive abilities, improves memory and the ability to multi-task, and is associated with higher levels of creativity and flexibility; the list goes on. More careers in Wales are opening up to the Welsh language and more employers are keen to recruit staff able to work in both Welsh and English. And let’s face it, the Welsh language is a wonderful gift. It’s 1500 years old, was among these isles’ first languages and can sound beautiful. It’s got heritage. Who wouldn’t want more Welsh speakers in their company?

Yes, the Welsh language is on the up. If you want to develop future skills (which is what we’re all about) ones that help give you a competitive advantage, becoming bilingual could well be a feather you want to add to your bow. And we’ve got a lovely new Welsh website you can use to practice your translation skills on.

For a modest enterprise like ours, getting the website translated took a fair amount of doing. So we’d like to give honourable mentions to Adam Gough, (Youth Engagement Tutor) for doing most of the heavy lifting on this project, to former employee Chris Miller (Commercial Manager) – who supported Adam, to Lisa Newell (Training Advisor) who helped with the translation, and to all those members of the team who chipped in to make it a reality. ‘Diolch yn fawr iawn’ or very many thanks, to all of you.

North Wales Training. Now available in Welsh. Fully committed to serving you whatever your language.