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To prepare for the military Kieran is finding our Military Awareness Course (MAC) to be far more app’ropriate

Posted: 16.07.2021

It’s said there’s an app for everything these days. There’s even one to help get you into shape to join the army. But why learn via an app when you can obtain a proper introduction to the armed services together with your peers, at a fully equipped training centre, on a specially designed course delivered by ex-Service personnel? And even get paid for it?

Many young people considering joining the armed services enrol on North Wales Training’s Military Awareness Course (MAC) for just this reason, besides its excellent reputation. It’s available to 16-18 year olds who are not in work or education and lasts up to 26 weeks.

Having a good standard of mental and physical ability is important to military recruiters. To help you develop the right mindset the course supports you to build your confidence, self-management and problem-solving ability and get into the habit of a regular routine. To equip you with the basic skills the military needs you’re taught things like navigation, drill, skill at arms, and first aid to name a few. Fitness is obviously a key part to the Armed Forces so you undertake daily physical training sessions to get you fighting fit and ready for your physical assessment. Lastly, our men and women in uniform are among the best because of the way they perform together. So you take part in regular exercises to build your team building skills, such as leading your team across a hazard with minimal time and equipment.

Kieran Woodcock, from Towyn, North Wales is a recent recruit. He signed up to get himself “out the house,” and increase his fitness and motivation with a view to applying to join the Welsh Guards.

Kieran is amazed at how much benefit he’s getting from the course (run at Kinmel Army Camp, Rhyl), after just one week. “In the three days being at MAC I have enjoyed the course because I have met new friends on similar paths to myself and I get paid £30 a week which keeps me going and is something to look forward to”.

Besides putting him to the test “a lot” he says the course is helping him change his attitude as well as his body. Also, it’s assisting him with his English and Maths, subjects he struggled with at school since he says he confesses he was “not the best of kid but when I have come here it has changed everything for me”.

The sergeants are “very good” Kieran reports “you can tell them anything and they are sound”. Contrary to expectations that an introduction to the armed services might be too serious Kieran has discovered that the course is “fun to come to.” He says he wouldn’t change a thing and would highly recommend it to others.

While our Military Awareness Course is about preparing you for the military even those who don’t go on to join one of the services report how it’s helped them positively shift their mindset, develop greater self-leadership and confidence and acquire transferable skills not only desired by employers but of great value generally. It’s one of the many traineeships we run that can give you a boost if you’re a school leaver mulling your next move. And as Kieran’s feedback indicated they’re far more enjoyable than learning via an app.