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To generate a marathon amount of new business we’ve recruited someone with pedigree.

Posted: 01.07.2021

Bob Hooey said “If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.” North Wales Training is a company that’s grown on the strength of how we look after our customers. We know that good business is founded on finding the win-win for the employers we solicit business with and looking after that relationship for years to come.

Looking after customers is something Chris Ellis, our new Sales Operations Manager knows all about. He spent 12 years at Babcock taking their training and apprenticeships accounts to previously unseen heights, by honouring Hooey’s principle. In this exciting new role Chris is taking on responsibility for everything to do with our sales and marketing. This includes developing new business opportunities, helping the company’s departments turn leads and enquires into sales, maintaining constructive relationships with existing clients, and managing the company’s outward facing marketing and social media presence.

In spite of a week of Teams meetings Chris found time for just one more to tell us about his new role.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

“I’m 37 years old, married with two daughters, live in Wrexham, and enjoy trail running.”

He’s fit then? “I run 15-16 miles every weekend with a mate and have run the Llangollen Fell marathon this and last year. I’m signed up to run the Snowdonia trail marathon on 22nd August. It was a Fathers’ Day gift, ironically.”

What does your new role involve?

“To lead the sales team so we achieve our sales targets for the business, sell the company’s products and services and maximise the potential of its existing offerings, and to create new business opportunities.”

What motivated you to apply?

“Babcock was quite corporate. I’d been there 12 years and felt I’d achieved as much as I could, taking some sectors as far as they could go. I wanted to join a training provider with a vision of where it wanted to go and how it wanted to get there, and to help it on that journey. I also relished the idea of joining a smaller business and getting involved in areas I’d had less exposure to such as employability. North Wales Training fit the bill perfectly.”

What were you doing before?

“I was a national training manager for Babcock. I managed a team of assessor, technical certificate tutor and recruiters to achieve a high level of service in the active leisure, hospitality, management, and retail sectors. Key parts of my role were to secure new business and maintain good relationships with national accounts across Wales.”

How do you feel about being appointed?

“Really excited for the prospect of starting from a new place and creating a new model. But a bit nervous too, having spent 12 years with one company.”

What are you most looking forward to?

“Working with an experienced group of people with years of knowledge and experience, supporting all parts of the business to achieve their goals, and creating new opportunities for the company and learners.” Chris said he’s also really looking forward to the “buzz and thrill of meeting new employers” and “creating something special with new business partners since he “loves meeting new people and delivering what that want.”

What are your priorities for the next couple of months?

“After I’ve embedded myself into the company and familiarised myself with the team, staff and its workings I’m keen to introduce myself to the company’s employers and create a rapport with them. I’ll then be working with my team to explore how we can create new business opportunities and increase our productivity in relation to sales and marketing.”

And a successful first year in the job would be…? “Achieving the sales targets for Apprenticeships and Restart across all sectors. Developing and growing new business opportunities in new sectors. And developing more employer relationships.”

With ambitious plans to grow the business we needed someone capable of going the distance and have clearly secured that with Chris. Judging by his weekly pedometer mileage, our competitors had better run for the hills.