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Those who teach can…go on to lead the team.

Posted: 08.07.2021

It’s said those who can teach. But let’s face it, not everyone who teaches can. Especially when some of the students can display a certain indifference for the value that education offers them. We know from recalling our school years what those individuals were like. And we know that it took a special individual to reach those students and coach them into doing what was best for them even when every fibre in those student’s bodies screamed otherwise.

Our own Hayley Davies is one of those people. Until a year ago (last July) she was a tutor in what was Martin Craven’s twelve strong Youth Engagement Team, getting young people through traineeships they might have felt indifferent about, and on to further their education. Then Martin was asked to work on a couple of projects for four weeks and nominated Hayley to stand in for him. Four weeks became eight, eight became sixteen until Hayley found that she’d been Acting Operations Manager Traineeships for ten months.

With Martin being appointed to the role of Learning & Curriculum Manager, his former role was up for grabs. And while they may have been big shoes to fill Hayley had high hopes she’d be a shoe-in. Following a competitive recruitment process she did indeed land the role. We caught up with Hayley for a quick chat about what it means to her and what her plans are for the year ahead.

“Obviously I’m delighted! I did have a little wobble between the interview and hearing, but luckily for me the role went my way”.
Hayley Davies - Youth Engagement Operations Manager

In answer to what Summer Sorted is Hayley explained that it’s a course that North Wales Training run during the school holidays. It aims to keep more vulnerable Year 11 school leavers engaged between leaving school and going on to college or Sixth Form. As trainees they get paid £30 per week and receive tutoring as well as the opportunity to do things such as outdoor activities they might not have tried before. It’s funded by the Welsh Assembly Government.

If all this isn’t enough, Hayley has to prepare to take on new staff for the company’s two centres at Llangefni and Caernarfon which will open full time from 14th June. And by the end of the year?

“If possible I’d like us to open centre in south Gwynedd, since it’s a vast area and it would be great to increase our coverage there.”

From a Traineeships tutor to the Traineeships Manager, Hayley’s application to her vocation and team shows that at North Wales Training those who teach ‘can’.

What motivated her to apply?

“After looking after the team for ten months, I thought I’d gained enough experience, and I got on well with team. I thought I could take it on and make it work.”

How does she feel about being appointed?

“Obviously I’m delighted! I did have a little wobble between the interview and hearing, but luckily for me the role went my way”.

What’s she most looking forward to?

“We’re coming up to the busiest time of the year with school leavers joining courses. I’m looking forward to getting our plan together and executing it to the best of my ability, and to putting my skills to good use.”

Anything she’ll miss from her previous role?

“I’ll miss working closely with the leaners since I could build up a good rapport with them and they could be a good laugh. Traineeships can sometimes be perceived as being challenging because of the nature of some of the young people who enrol, but mostly they’re really good. They just need a helping hand about which direction to go in which is what we give them.”

What are Hayley’s priorities for the next couple of months?

“On 5th July we’ve got our new intake for traineeships and on 19th July our ‘Summer Sorted’ course begins. I’ll got to write up the programmes with Martin Craven, Learning & Curriculum Manager.