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Our newest manager says she’s obsessed with quality; she’ll fit right in.

Posted: 28.06.2021

If you know about our industry – and even if you don’t – you’ll appreciate you won’t go far if you scrimp on quality. Which is why as a company we never have. And not just because we operate in a highly regulated industry. Complying to the rules not only keeps us in business but protects our learners, employees, and stakeholders, who benefit indirectly, when we meet and exceed required standards. Why settle for achieving standards if it’s better all round to exceed them?

In our new Quality Manager, Rachel Clough, we’ve confident we’ve appointed someone who shares this attitude. Rachel is responsible for leading the company on all matters relating to Quality, Safeguarding and Staff Development, in order to promote growth and enhance our reputation for customer service excellence and compliance with Welsh Government, Estyn, ESFA and Ofsted standards. She brings a wealth of experience, having spent 17 years at Babcock and 3 years at t2 Group, assuring for quality in respect to work-based learning and apprenticeships.

During a busy first week Rachel kindly gave us a little quality time to tell us about her new role.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

“I’ve worked in Quality most of my career. I just found my thing. I started as an assessor and eventually worked my way up to Quality Manager [at Babcock].”

Outside of work Rachel is married with two teenage boys and says she likes the usual things, spending time with family, and walking the dog. She lives in Cardiff.

What's your new role and what does it involve?

I’m primarily responsible for looking at quality processes, safeguarding and staff development and making sure we’re inspection ready.

What motivated you to apply?

“I was looking to progress in my career and wanted a change. This role is a step up from what I was doing before. I enjoyed working with Gareth [James, the MD] when he was at Babcock and wanted to be part of what he was doing at North Wales Training.”

How do you feel about being appointed?

“Really excited.”

What are you most looking forward to?

“Getting to understanded how the business operates, getting to meet new people and finding out how everyone fits together as one team.”

Rachel says that developing people is a big part of working in Quality and told us she’s looking forward to the coaching and staff development side. She’s also looking forward to learning how North Wales Training work and has achieved and maintains its high standards, and to sharing her knowledge and experience from her previous roles.

What are your priorities for the next couple of months?

“Getting Copa Apprenticeships (North Wales Training’s England arm] ready to receive full Ofsted inspections. And understanding Traineeship delivery and quality processes - what quality points need to be put in place to ensure correct delivery.”

Rachel confided that she “loves quality” and is “a little bit OCD about it even”; she likes things to be “just so”. So if she sends her tea back to you because it was the wrong temperature, colour, strength, sweetness, had too much milk in it, and the mug was stained, don’t complain. These are attributes we want in our Quality Manager and will just reassure you that in Rachel Chough we’ve made a quality appointment.

I’ve worked in Quality most of my career. I just found my thing. I started as an assessor and eventually worked my way up to Quality Manager [at Babcock].
Rachel Clough