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Meet Chris our new Hospitality and Management TA

Posted: 22.12.2021

Chris’ passion for the hospitality sector began when he was young when his parents owned a hotel in Llandudno. This led him to take on a Cultural Arts Degree to become a qualified chef. Being a chef was great for Chris, but he wanted more of a challenge.

To learn new skills, Chris started working at the St Georges Hotel in Llandudno where he progressed to Assistant Manager, which made his love for the sector grow. He wanted to be able to help others achieve while achieving himself and became a qualified assessor two and half years ago.

Working as an assessor has not only give him a bit of his life back (because working in hospitality includes long hours of work) but he has been able to spend more time with his partner and stepson.

Chris has developed a passion for being an assessor and looks forward to bringing his skills to North Wales Training. Chris applied for the role as a Hospitality and Management assessor when he saw an advertisement on North Wales Training social media and was successful. So, we asked him the all-important question of what inspired you to become a TA? Chris stated “When I worked in hospitality management, I liked training people. I created training programmes and helped individuals within my workplace develop. I was then given the opportunity to do this professionally as a full-time job and could help people gain highly recognised qualifications and help them progress in their careers”.

Welcome Chris, we look forward to seeing you grow and help people achieve more.