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Jessica Ratheram has always had a passion for Active Leisure

Posted: 20.12.2021

Jessica moved from London back when she was younger has lived in North Wales now for over 30 years. She grew up taking part in swimming competitions at local leisure centres, so she always has had a passion for the leisure sector and sports.

Not only does she have a passion for the leisure sector but a passion to ensure her son, aged eight had a great role model. In Jessica’s words “Everything I aim for in life is for him!”.

Working in the leisure industry for more than 20 years has given Jessica motivation to perform different roles such as lifeguarding, fitness instructing, personal training, and now a training assessor.

Jessica has worked in the industry for quite some time, and has gained valuable knowledge and experience, and now wants to continue to encourage others who are either starting their careers or have an established record in the industry, to develop and progress to the best of their abilities.

Becoming an Active Leisure TA for North Wales Training is “exciting” especially when “the training provider has an excellent plan to develop a strong leisure provision in North Wales and I could not miss the opportunity to be part of the future plans’’

Jessica’s excitement to work in the local community with not only positively impact those who kickstarting their career in leisure but boost the local community.

Jess has stated “I am very excited to work for North Wales Training. Everyone seems friendly and everyone is so welcoming, I am looking forward to meeting the whole team”.