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How pressing the Restart button could give you just what you’re looking for...

Posted: 18.08.2021

We all know how important it is to help restore Wales’s economic prosperity as we emerge from the pandemic. As part of the Government’s ‘Plan for Jobs’ the Restart Scheme, from the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) is helping do just that.

Under the scheme eligible Universal Credit claimants are referred by Job Centre Plus to employability specialists who immediately start to work with them, assessing their needs, and putting together a tailored package to enable them to overcome the barriers to finding and obtaining employment. This could include everything from one-to-one coaching, interview preparation, vocational training or help to build digital skills, all geared to their aspirations and the local jobs market.

Serco is delivering Restart for the DWP in Wales and North Wales Training are delighted they’ve asked us to help them achieve its objective of getting as many people into sustainable employment as possible. It’s what we’re known for, after all.

With barely time to get his feet under the desk, Jamie Fawkes, our new Performance Manager (Restart) is busy working with his team of advisors to ensure referrals receive all the assistance they need consistent with our obligations and mission - that all learners succeed. We’re covering Conwy, Denbighshire and Wrexham, and excited to be able to contribute our resources and experience to help deliver such an important programme.

Why we’re excited about Restart and how it could benefit you if you’re an employer

Did you ever have a time in your life when somebody showed you how to develop abilities you already had, but under-estimated, and turn them into abilities others were willing to pay for? If there’s one thing we’ve learned over 38 years in this business it’s that people who have been without regular work for a while frequently undervalue their potential and often just need a little bit of support to boost their employability. If there’s another thing we’ve learned it’s that we achieve far more when working collaboratively with other organisations to get learners across the line and into jobs.

If you’re an employer we believe the Restart Scheme represents an excellent opportunity to reveal to you the many talented individuals hiding in plain sight who could be just right for vacancies you need to fill. Together with you, local government, enterprise partnerships, charities, and Serco, we can provide ‘restarters’ with the opportunities they need to help us collectively restore Wales to pre-pandemic prosperity. It’s why we’re so excited about the Restart Scheme and urge you to lend it your support. To find out talk to us or see our website.