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How Kickstart helped Daniel go from homeless to home, dry and in work

Posted: 04.10.2021

Homeless and unemployed, Daniel Arslan from Rhyl with the combined help of Job Centre Plus, North Wales Training and the Government’s Kickstart Scheme is now a Retail Adviser at a Vodaphone shop in Rhyl run by Seren Communications.

Daniel’s Job Centre Plus work coach was instrumental in helping get him out of a horrible situation and back into work. Daniel said “My work coach helped me clean up, find food banks for me, and got me on track.

Daniel was eligible for the Kickstart Scheme which places 16-24 year olds’ on Universal Credit into six month job placements. Daniel was referred for a vacancy at Seren Communications managed by Gateway organisation North Wales Training. The job centre worked with Daniel to get him ready for the interview, even helping him find accommodation.

Becoming a ‘Kickstarter’ has given Daniel six months of tailored support from North Wales Training including a dedicated mentor who has arranged for Daniel to receive extra training and contacts him regularly “to make sure I am on target and doing well”.

The result of Kickstart and our combined support? Daniel is now flourishing.

Daniels’ final thoughts on Kickstart?

“I have learnt so many new and transferable skills and gained so much confidence and discipline”.

“The process of the scheme is a 10/10 as I have had nothing but support…I would describe the kickstart scheme as life-changing”.