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Help us celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2021

Posted: 09.02.2021

National Apprenticeship Week

As a company that’s been at the forefront of apprenticeships for over 30 years we’ve been fortunate to experience first-hand the difference apprenticeships make to employers, learners and the North Wales community we serve.

We focus all our passion and experience to make apprenticeships a success. The thousands we’ve supported through our programmes over the years is proof that we know our onions (and will help you get to know yours if you’re seeking a career in catering).

It’s our mission to convince you why becoming an apprentice or taking on one - two, three, four, five plus - apprentices is such a win-win. After all, as a learner you gain skills and qualifications while in paid work and as an employer you get a faithful employee and support from the government to help make a success of it. As your training provider we get the pleasure of supporting you through the programme and collecting the smiles at the end of it.

It’s why this week in particular we’ll be adding words to some of the smiles we’ve collected over the years and sharing our love for apprenticeships. We invite you to help celebrate National Apprenticeship Week with us by getting in touch or sharing your stories about why apprenticeships are a ‘genius decision’ using #awwales. Whether you are an apprentice or an employer we’d love to hear from you.

To find more out about how we can help you bring about the win-win of apprenticeships whether you’re an employer or someone interested in work based learning opportunities click here.

To share your love of Apprenticeships, the Welsh Government have created a NAW2021 resources toolkit which can be accessed below.

App Week 2021 Toolkit ENGLISH

pdf, 1.231 MB

App Week 2021 Toolkit WELSH

pdf, 1.781 MB