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Sector Routeways


Sector routeways cover pre-employment training for specific industries such as retail, care, warehousing etc. It can cover any industry and be developed around any employer. They offer unemployed people the opportunity to develop their skills, learn about a new sector and usually they include work experience. If you’re unemployed this allows you to try out a sector before you commit to taking a position.

Our pre-training ensures you start ready to work and everyone knows what will be involved.

Employers looking for someone like you

We work with a range of employers to help them find people to fill a range of vacancies. The pre-training we provide ensures that people start ready to work and that everyone knows what is going to be involved. Get in touch to find out what courses & jobs might be available now.

In the past we have had bespoke programmes running with;

  • Tesco
  • Zip World
  • Deeside Cereals
  • Morrisons Farmers Boy
  • The National Skills Academy for Food & Drink (Wales)
  • And many others

Skills to land a job

Before starting and to get you ready for the work you will be doing, we can match you with a job that comes with specific pre-employment training. This gives you the opportunity to develop your essential skills and confidence before starting the role.

The training includes employability skills plus a wide range of qualifications valued by all sorts of employers such as first aid and food hygiene. This programme is for your career, not just a job so each of the skills and courses will improve your chances in gaining and maintaining work for years to come.

If you are out of work, regardless of how long you have been looking, our employability programmes are set up to help you at any stage of the journey and joining one of our programmes will boost your skills, confidence and also your chances of getting back into work.

If you are interested in understanding more, please get in touch.

Our team will be happy to answer any questions and help you as much as we can.

Give our Employability Team a call on 01492 543 431

You can email our Employability Team and we will get back to you shortly.