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Personal Engagement Programme

Year Groups

7 & 8 (minimum group size 10)


Can vary from 1/2 term to a full academic year


1 Day a week - 9.30am - 2.30pm


Course Certificate

This military themed programme is designed to provide an alternative learning environment where learners can use their excess energy and look at learning from a different perspective with the goal of reengaging learners into learning. Each day their will be a different task such as an assault course, workbook session, and 3rd party suppliers activities. This course is not only packed with fun but a great insight for our Military Traineeships course for 16-18 years olds.

Learners will take part in:

  • Teamwork and Communication Skills
  • Command Tasks/Problem Solving/Bushcraft/First Aid
  • Community visits, Police, Fire and Ambulance
  • Countryside Walking
  • Improving Health and wellbeing & Physical training
  • Community and Cultural Awareness

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