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Level 5 Leadership and Management of Health and Social Care

This Higher Apprenticeship is suitable for job roles in Health and Social Care that involve management and leadership responsibilities. At Level 5 an individual can expect to be a manager, head of function, or a CEO. This qualification is designed to develop skills and knowledge to support and recognise occupational competence in management to a national occupation level.

Professional Qualification

Level 5 Leadership and Management of Health and Social Care

This Framework includes the following components

  • Level 5 Leadership and Management of Children care, play learning and development Practice
  • Level 4 Preparing for Leadership and management in Children’s Play, Learning and development
  • Essential Skills Wales AON L2
  • Essential Skills Wales Com L2
  • Essential Skills Wales ICT L2


Typically, 18 months

Typical Job Roles
  • Manager
  • Head of Function
  • CEO
Role Profile

Managers at level 5 play an integral role in in developing and supporting organisational objectives through a wide range of functions, such as: managing team dynamics, delegation and capability building, planning and managing projects, and managing budgets within their operational area of responsibility.

Delivery model: How are apprenticeships delivered?

Each learner is different, which is why we use a range of delivery options – face-to-face support, online learning – within our programmes.

  • Apprentices are supported by a Training Advisor
  • Apprentices complete work projects, applying learning to their role
  • Expert tutor supports development of skills and knowledge
  • Learning and progress is managed and tracked online
  • Technical knowledge
  • Know-how
  • Practical application of the Knowledge
  • Learnt through a combination of on and off the job training
  • Mindsets, attitudes, and approaches required for competence
  • Behaviours tend to be transferable (between levels)

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