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Foundation Apprenticeship L2 Community Development

The Foundation Apprenticeship enables people to work collectively to bring about positive social change. This long-term process starts from people’s own experience and enables communities to work together to: Identify their own needs and actions; take collective action using their strengths and resources; develop their confidence, skills, and knowledge; challenge unequal power relationships and promote social justice, equality, and inclusion.

Professional Qualification

Level 2 Diploma in Community Development

This Framework includes the following components

  • Level 2 Diploma in Community Development
  • Essential Skills Wales Communication
  • Essential Skills Wales Application of number
  • Essential Skills Wales Digital Literacy


Typically, 18 months

Typical job roles
  • Community Development Officer (title may also include Engagement, Participation, Liaison, or Involvement) – working in a variety of sectors such as community development, housing, health, homelessness, or play.
Role profile

Community Development Officers work within community groups, identify their needs and support community-based projects such as housing, health, homelessness, or play. They will work to promote increased awareness of social inequality and diversity within communities.

Delivery model: How are apprenticeships delivered?

Each learner is different, which is why we use a range of delivery options – face-to-face support, online learning – within our programmes.

  • Apprentices are supported by a Training Advisor
  • Apprentices complete work projects, applying learning to their role
  • Expert tutor supports development of skills and knowledge
  • Learning and progress is managed and tracked online

How do I get involved?

If you would like any more information please get in touch by phone, email or fill out our short contact form.

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